Authentic Jade Roller For Face, Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Facial Tool Set – Face Roller: 100% Real Jade, Face Massager/Facial Roller for Skin, Eyes, Neck – Authentic, Durable, Noiseless Design

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Product Description

original jade rolleroriginal jade roller

Roll Your Way to Red Carpet-Worthy Skin

There’s a reason facial rollers and gua sha scrapers have been used for centuries. These ancient beauty tools really WORK! But not just ANY rollers. You need authentic gemstones that deliver healing ions deep into your skin and give you the most out of your beauty routine.

Just like you’d exercise your arms and legs if they were losing tightness, your face needs exercising, too! Now you can firm, sculpt and depuff tired-looking skin with the dual healing power of jade and rose quartz.

For advanced relief, roll down the sides of your neck to improve circulation in your lymph areas and decrease toxin buildup.

jade face rollerjade face roller

Luxury Rollers in a League of Their Own

jade roller

jade roller

rose quartz roller for face

rose quartz roller for face

gua sha

gua sha


Milky, muddled imitation stones? We wouldn’t dream of it. Experience the difference a true gemstone makes, with a real jade roller that’s a cut above the rest. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, decrease puffiness and improve circulation, all with one amazing little tool. You’ll notice best results when used as a “warm” stone to enhance blood flow at room temperature.


We didn’t skimp on quality when it came to our rose quartz roller, either. Of course, it’s also made from authentic natural gemstones for maximum healing properties that only true crystalline lattice could deliver. Rose quartz is harder than jade and considered to be a “cool” stone – best used in the fridge or freezer to quickly depuff baggy eyes or reduce inflammation.


Top your beauty routine off with the relaxing gua sha massage tool, also made with premium Brazilian rose quartz. This ancient beauty secret helps relieve muscle tension, increase blood flow and reduce bloating by promoting lymphatic drainage. We’ve included a full instruction set so you can achieve powerful results – even if you’ve never used one before.

Why Are Beauty Lovers Switching To MoValues?

face roller

face roller

facial massager

facial massager

jade roller for face

jade roller for face

jade face roller

jade face roller


Most facial rollers break in an embarrassingly short amount of time, thanks to thin brass frames that are welded together or glued in place. Not ours! Your MoValues rollers feature solid metal frames to last for years to come. Plus, they’ve got rounder, thicker handles for easy gripping!


Ahhhh, sweet silence. If the sound of squeaky rollers drives you crazy, you’ll love the noiseless, non-squeak design you’ll find in ours. Unlike inferior models that create friction between the roller head and frame, we use soft, silicone wheels for noiseless rolling and reduced stress.


When you’re not using your beauty rollers, store them in the included drawstring pouch to keep them away from dust You can even use the pouch to store your tools in the freezer for a refreshing ice massage your skin will love!


This incredible set is yours to share, whether you’re purchasing to keep for yourself or gifting to someone special. We’ve thoughtfully packaged everything in a gorgeous luxury box, so it’s ready for unboxing on Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and other special events.

facial rollerfacial roller

All Boxed Up, And Ready For Gifting

Whether it’s a gift from you, to you, or a gift for someone else you’ll also love knowing that we wrap everything up into a fun unboxing experience. In fact, some of our customers can’t even bear to throw the box away because it holds these 3 Beauty Tools so well. In fact, and just quietly, they’re a great stocking stuffer this Christmas.

(… for you, or someone you love!)

jade roller for facejade roller for face

What’s in the Box:

– 1 Authentic jade roller

– 1 Natural rose quartz roller

– 1 Natural rose quartz gua sha tool

– 1 Drawstring carrying pouch

– 1 Manual Instruction

✅GET READY TO GLOW: Boost your circulation with oxygen-rich blood and roll your way to glowing skin, with the dual action power of not one but TWO healing crystal gemstones! Your facial rollers are time-tested beauty tools for increasing blood flow, reducing puffiness, decreasing inflammation and enhancing serum absorption. For healthier-looking skin, grab the jade roller to improve blood flow and decrease toxins. Or, pick up its rose quartz counterpart to soothe inflammation and depuff!
✅REAL JADE AND ROSE QUARTZ: No fake gems or poor-quality stones, here. See that deep emerald green? That’s the shade of pure jade, harvested straight from Brazilian mountainsides and hand-selected for quality. Our rose quartz roller and guasha massage tool are 100% authentic crystal, and carved from natural Brazilian rose quartz. Don’t settle for anything less than REAL gemstones that vibrate at a higher frequency to increase lymphatic drainage and deliver healing ions deep into the skin.
✅THICK, ROCK-SOLID FRAME: Just take a look at other face rollers and you’ll find review after review of broken handles and frames (some after just ONE use)! These poorly made rollers all have one thing in common: fatally flawed construction. With thin brass wires, glued on bits and welded joints, it’s no wonder why these rollers break after only a few uses. Not MoValues! Our solid metal frame is built to last, plus features a thicker, rounder handle for a powerful difference you can feel.
✅NON-SQUEAK ROLLER DESIGN: If you hear it squeak, it’s made cheap! You’ll only hear a squeaking sound when a roller head makes direct contact with its wire frame, causing massive amounts of strain and eventual breakage. To solve this frequent problem (and that maddening squeaking sound), we’ve incorporated two silicone wheels into the frame design for noiseless use and buttery-smooth rolling over your face, neck and under eyes.

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