DR-HO’S Pain Relief System TENS Unit and EMS with 1 Year Warranty – for Pain Relief and Full Body Pain Management – Deluxe Package (Includes Travel Foot Therapy Pads and More)

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Product Description

DR-HO’S Pain Relief System is the latest innovation to help relieve muscle tension and pain from the comfort of your home in as little as 20 minutes. The Pain Relief System includes the latest version of DR-HO’S renowned TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device, the Pain Therapy System 2-Pad. The Pain Relief System includes not only the benefits of TENS, but also Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and our proprietary Auto-Modulating pain relieving waves.

The Pain Relief System Deluxe Package is one of three packages. This package contains everything in the basic package, as well as additional large and small pads for added value. The Ultimate package is also available to give you a better value. The Pain Therapy System Pro Deluxe Package includes: Single port Pain Therapy System, 20 small massage pads (10 pairs), 4 large massage pads (2 pairs), 2 foot pads (1 pair), Pad placement chart, Instruction manual, Spray bottle.


Our newest and most affordable TENS device is a 2-pad unit that helps relieve muscle pain and tension in as little as 20 minutes.

Pain Relief System UnitPain Relief System Unit

What is The Pain Relief System?

The Pain Relief System is a professional TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device used by Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. The Pain Relief System is scientifically proven to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension and spasms, increase tissue oxygenation and improve circulation.

What is it used for?

The Pain Relief System is a drug-free pain relief solution that starts working right away to relieve muscle tension, pain, and soreness associated with many conditions like chronic & acute back pain, degenerative or bulging discs, tension headaches, knee and hip pain, arm pain, leg pain, foot and ankle pain and pain related to sports and activity.

How does it work?

Relieves Pain

The Pain Relief System includes not only the benefits of TENS technology, but also Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and our proprietary Auto-Modulating Pulse (AMP) pain relieving waves. It’s programmed to automatically change the stimulation at random to prevent the body from adapting. The Pain Relief System’s 341 different wave forms simulate soothing and relaxing treatments. The most important difference about DR-HO’S Pain Relief System over the traditional TENS machine is that it is proven to provide pain relief in as little as 20 minutes of use.

Reduces Muscle Tension

Spasms of skeletal muscles are often a result of overuse, dehydration, or from electrolyte abnormalities. A spasm is painful, abrupt, and often requires immediate relief. Clinical studies conducted at the University of Waterloo used electromyography (EMG), a diagnostic procedure that attaches electrodes to the skin and takes recordings of the electrical activity of muscle tissue to test the DR-HO’S TENS Device’s effectiveness in reducing muscle spasms. This procedure found that using DR-HO’S TENS Devices significantly reduced muscle spasms.

Increases Oxygenation

The body must maintain a stable level of oxygen saturation to ensure the proper functioning of the organs, brain, and heart. Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) is a method used for medical and physiological diognostics, and is capable of measuring blood flow and the rate of oxygen consumption in the body. This non-invasive method showed that individuals using DR-HO’S TENS Devices showed a significant increase in tissue oxygenation.

Increases Local Circulation

The muscle oxygenation signals received while patients have used DR-HOS’ TENS devices indicate that their ability to increase tissue oxygenation also results in an increase of local circulation. Improving local circulation can increase the body’s ability to recover from tension and pain.

Powerful & Comfortable

DR-HO’S provides a variety of soothing wave forms and treatment modes that penetrate deep, right to the source of the tension or pain. Powerful but comfortable, the Pain Relief System is scientifically proven to relieve deep and chronic muscle tension and pain in as little as 20 minutes using TENS to mimic relaxation techniques like deep kneading, gentle chopping, and soothing rubbing.

3 Different Therapy Modes

DR-HO’S Pain Relief System 2-Pad contains 3 massage modes that provide 341 different stimulation techniques. It uses proprietary wave forms that constantly change so that your body never adapts to just one type of wave form or mode. The constant variation allows you to use DR-HO’S on a daily basis to manage your pain effectively and provides a professional-grade treatment that sets DR-HO’S apart from other TENS devices that are available for use at home.

Effective for the Entire Body

DR-HO’S can be used to relieve pain on over 20 different body areas including head and neck pain, shoulder tension, back pain, hip pain, leg tension, sore feet, and more.

Safe, Easy-To-Use & Portable

DR-HO’S Pain Relief System is powered by 2 AAA alkaline batteries and is certified by the National Research Testing Laboratory (UL). The device is very small and fully portable, so it can be used anywhere, anytime, and when you need it most to conquer your pain.

Manage chronic pain from the comfort of your home. Get fast and effective relief from your pain, delivered directly to your door.
Powered by DR-HO’S AMP Technology containing 341 different stimulation techniques within 3 different modes for you to choose from – treat yourself to a deep vigorous massage-like feel or a gentle and calming massage-like feel. AMP Technology randomly changes the stimulation every few seconds so that you receive positive results every time you use DR-HO’S.
Disclaimer: DR-HO’S Pain Relief System is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. If you suffer from any pain or health conditions, you should consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. DR-HO’S Pain Relief System is safe for use for people on medication, and to use after metal knee or hip replacement. Please consult your doctor if you have further concerns. Please consult instructional manual for complete warnings and instructions before using this device.
DR-HO’S Pain Relief System and any other electronic stimulators should NOT be used by patients with the following conditions: Pacemakers, defibrillators or extreme cardiac irregularities, metal implants or electronic auxiliary devices, abnormally high blood pressure, a tendency toward internal bleeding, epilepsy or pregnant women. Any questions or concerns, please ask your doctor before use.

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