Fat Burning Machine 3 in 1 Multifunctional EMS Infrared Massager Fat Remover Weight Loss Machine for Stomach Belly Arm Leg Hip Burn Fat Device

Price: $58.88
(as of Nov 07,2020 19:30:08 UTC – Details)

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❤EMS burn fat machine: It can be eliminate edema, flabby arms, flabby waist, improve postpartum repair, skin relaxation. Burn fat machine imitates 5 Modes : mode1: sliming; mode2: scraping; mode 3: knead; mode 4: massage; mode 5: tapping. NOTE: EMS must be used with pads, otherwise it will have no effect.
❤Infrared weight loss machine: Deep into under the skin, help to remove harmful substances in the skin and tighten the skin, prevent rough skin, and enhance skin elasticity, body shaping device make your skin look younger, smoother and firmer.
❤Sonic body shaping machine: It can decompose waste surrounding fat, consume energy, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss, help you shape a “S” body, give you a charming body!
❤Note: Infrared fat burner machine has no heating function; Sonic body sliming massager has no physical vibration function; EMS function must be used with 2 EMS pads together; EMS can’t use on face; Not rechargeable, need to plug in power to use.

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