Greenbush Turmeric | 575 mg, 100 Capsules | Joint Support & Pain Management

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We all know Turmeric as the colorful spice used to make mustard yellow. Some of us know it as one of the savory ingredients in curry dishes. Until recently, most of us didn’t know Turmeric is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine as a cleansing tonic and adaptogenic herb. This “cousin” of ginger root has recently gained widespread popularity in the U.S as more people become aware of its therapeutic values for pain support and cognitive support in the elderly. There are now a thousand varieties of Turmeric supplements, some adding this or that to try to stand out. The fact is, what you really need is pure whole turmeric with no additives. Through an explosion of research, it is becoming apparent that Turmeric can be effective against most forms of inflammation including the inflammation that accompanies brain plaques that lead to cognitive decline in the elderly. It should be part of the daily diet of anyone facing this in the aging process. Areas of the world where Turmeric is consumed on a daily basis show lower rates of many serious illnesses. As new research emerges it becomes more and more apparent that Turmeric is an essential element in any diet aiming to slow the progression of the pain and illnesses of aging. Safe for daily use, an average dose of turmeric would be 2 capsules three times per day. For initial pain treatment you may start with a higher dose until the inflammation subsides. Greenbush turmeric is a purity and potency tested whole herb with no added ingredients. It is free of pesticides and never irradiated. Kosher certified. Manufactured in the US. FDA inspected. Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.

Natural whole turmeric – Manufactured in the USA, FDA Inspected and free of harmful pesticides
Easy to swallow, or can easily be added to a beverage for tasty and healthy drink
Greenbush Turmeric contains a synergy of all the active turmeric elements for maximum results
Start Today- On your way to a healthier life

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