LAFCO New York Signature Scented Reed Diffuser (Chamomile Lavender, Master Bedroom- 15fl. oz.)

Price: $115.00
(as of Nov 07,2020 18:27:01 UTC – Details)

Founded in 1992 by Jon Bresler in New York, LAFCO combines traditional craftsmanship and the purest ingredients to create transporting home fragrances and personal care products. LAFCO’s luxurious collection of soap, lotion, diffusers, and candles are made from rigorously sourced essential oils. The products are hand produced using both time-honored botanical production practices and cutting-edge technology. The fragrances are designed to evoke an emotional, sensory response: soothing, invigorating, meditative, inspiring.
At LAFCO, we believe in making products that change everyday routines into fresh and delightful experiences. Natural luxury means being able to indulge in our fragrances and products without guilt. We do that by combining premium quality fragrances and pure ingredients, delivering them in a way that creates a luxurious experience for our customers. We understand the importance of not only crafting products that look, smell and feel good, but that most importantly, are good for you.
Our Pure Promise:
It’s not only about looks. It’s about fragrance, thoughtful craftsmanship, and pure ingredients. It’s about what’s in it for you. Our promise is natural luxury with pure purpose. Every one of our products highlights what makes it unique and how it benefits you, our customer.
The Chamomile Lavender Room Reed Diffuser allows you to imagine the understated luxury of freshly-laundered, turned-down bedlinens. Nearby, a delicate arrangement of lavender sprigs rests on the adjoining bedside table as the sun begins to set. Tranquility at its chicest. Crisp bergamot and warm chamomile melt into a calm undertone of lavender, sage, eucalyptus and smoky patchouli..
*Scent lasts for up to 1 year
*Recommended 8 reeds for average-sized rooms
*Comes with 16 hand-cut reeds

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