Married With Migraines: Battling Chronic Pain Together – Sharing 7 Breakthroughs

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Written for migraineur-couples, offering hope to struggling migraineurs and their caregiving partners with recommended solutions toward achieving greater wholeness and togetherness. Providing a baseline of treatment awareness as a reliable basis of comparison. Wherein each migraineur can compare their progress within their case to the reality of progressing through a defined pathway toward improved treatment in stages. With usefulness found in introducing a unified vocabulary and points of reference that can inform discussion and better educate the migraineur-partner.

Also uniquely for those migraineurs longing for needed improvement. Providing shared insights into Jessica’s breakthroughs from managing a life once ruled by chronic pain. Sharing her results from treatments by an excellent Migraine Specialist, thankfully leading her to regained quality of life after a decade long battle. Having cultivated an increased wellness in mind and body, with less intense and less frequent pain.

Intended as a guide for caregivers as well, with recommendations leading toward empowerment in assisting their migraineur and preserving their relationship. Helping each to know where they are in their awareness of their migraineur’s treatment progress through an established framework as “The 5 Stages of Migraine Treatment Awareness.” Offering caregivers methods to improve and care for migraineurs, and battle resentment in losses of quality of life, intimacy, and joint functioning. As well as insights into remedying conflicts as a result of the difficulties associated with a partner who is managing migraine pain.

Including in-depth recommendations into better understanding migraineur guilt. Allowing the migraineur-partner new hope and additional motivations in working together to be high functioning as a couple once again. All by way of sharing Jessica and Brian’s failures and successes as they work toward improved wholeness and togetherness in what has become, for them, a journey resulting in a different kind of love story.

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