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Nutritox Vibrance. Hormonal Balance for Women to Promote Weight Management, Clear Skin, and Reduce Stress. Made with Unflavored Vegetarian Capsules (60 Count)

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As hormone balances fluctuate throughout the day and at various stages of your life, imbalances are all too common amongst millions of women. The problem? Many women don’t even recognize the underlying issue! These imbalances can effect multiple areas of your body, with issues ranging from mood swings, headaches, fatigue & digestion. Through trial and error, we’ve created a supplement for women experiencing hormonal imbalances. Vibrance works to combat any neglected areas and focus on creating the perfect balance. Through daily consumption, you’ll notice an improvement in your skin, mood, and weight management. PURE, ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR EVERYDAY SUPPORT.
KSM-66 Ashwagandha– An herbal extract that can reduce stress, anxiety, cortisol levels, and stress-related food cravings. L-Glutathione– A powerful antioxidant which promotes brighter skin, boosts immune function, detoxes the body, and reduces oxidative stress. DIM & Indole-3-Carbino– Restorative agents which help to balance estrogen levels within the body, for complete harmony. Folate– A full-circle nutrient, supporting the cardiovascular, neurological and reproductive systems as well as a full detox. Chromium Traacs– An essential mineral that offers weight management support and can also improve blood sugar levels. Alpha Lipoic Acid– Shown to help those with Type 2 Diabetes or are overweight, ALA can help to reduce blood sugar levels for optimal functionality. THE NUTRITOX ADVANTAGE.
Designed to protect and enhance your everyday wellbeing, Nutritox formulas include our proprietary Detox Blend; A blend made up of plant extracts, herbs, and nutrients for optimal health. We’re completely free of artificial dyes and flavors. Instead, you’ll find only natural and organic ingredients to help detoxify your organs daily, keeping you in control of your body for each new da

2 A DAY VITAMIN. Taken daily, each serving delivers natural herbs such as KSM-66 Ashwagandha, DIM, Chromium Traacs, Indole-3-Carbinole, L-Glutathione, Folate and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Each pure ingredient works to regulate the body, reducing stress and begins a detoxificaton process to keep you ready for each day.
MOOD + SLEEP ENHANCEMENT. Along with supporting balanced hormones, Vibrance has also been shown to effect multiple areas of your life from day to night. Vibrance can potentially improve your mood and energy levels, while also aiding the sleep cycle for those busy days. On top of that, L-Glutathione boosts your immune function day-in and day-out.
VEGETARIAN CAPSULES. We’ve done away with fillers and unnecessary additives. What you’ll find are only natural and pure ingredients, from the inside out! Every Nutritox product is made with Microsorb Capsules, making them vegan and vegetarian friendly. Plus, they are made for easy absorption, delivering powerful nutrients just when your body needs it most.
NUTRITOX. At Nutritox, it’s not just about the products, it’s about delivering safe and effective formulas to each consumer for a healthy well-being. We’ve researched and developed each formula to ensure its perfection, and we currently perform standardized testing to be sure that each finished product meets the proper standards.

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