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SeroFit Serotonin Weight Loss Supplement – Effective Mood Enhancer and Appetite Suppressant for Women and Men Made with Real 5-HT (120 Caplets)

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Product Description

An imbalance of the Serotonin chemical can lead to decreased moods, sweet and carbohydrate craving, and lack of energy. Our patented, natural Serotonin Supplements will balance your serotonin levels by targeting a number of different receptors.

All other serotonin supplements on the market target these receptors using 5-HTP. This is simply a man made version of serotonin. Our solution provides the natural 5-HT pulled directly from the Stinging Nettle Leaf. This is a healthier and more direct approach to balancing Serotonin.

Our supplements have been used by tens of thousands of patients and board certified physicians across the country to increase moods, lose weight, and increase their energy. Welcome to the Serotonin Team where you can take advantage of the full Serotonin Solution.

Dr. Robert Posner has helped over 22,000 people achieve incredible results with his clinically proven weight control program, and now his successful weight control program is available to help you!


The System


Serotonin imbalance can lead to depression, anxiety, low energy levels, poor sleep, headaches, muscle aches, and more. By correcting these imbalances, you will feel more energetic, happy, and most importantly losing weight will be easier than ever!


Whether it’s 5 pounds or 200, SeroFit will help you reach your milestone. Instead of promoting unhealthy “get skinny quick” supplements and plans that really don’t last, our goal is to help you lose weight the right way, the SeroFit way!


As part of the SeroFit Healthy Living Program, you will learn to combine SeroFit with a strategic diet to achieve those weight loss goals and keep those extra pounds off long-term. Our dietary plan based on real food, not the use of shakes/bars/prepackaged foods.


Download the SeroFit App from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store!

Dietary Plans

A healthy diet is essential for weight loss. With our App, you will have delicious, easy to prepare recipes right in the palm of your hand.

Workout Plans

Fitness and weight loss go hand in hand. We will provide ready-made workouts for you that will assist in your weight loss journey.

Track Your Progress

Our App has an easy access dashboard where you can track the success of your workouts, diet plans, supplements are taken, and weight lost.

Consult With Coaches

You will be able to chat directly on the App with one of our coaches about your goals, diet, and workout plans. They will also give you advice and tips on how to use the supplements properly to get maximum performance.

Serotonin Solutions App

Available for iOS and Android. You can connect any bluetooth device, Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Smart Scales to track your fitness goals and health success.

Weigh Management Program

Dr. Posner is one of the world’s leading weight loss researchers. He developed a non-diet approach to healthy weight loss, helping people to stop dieting and begin living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Dr. Posner

Dr. Posner has developed a natural serotonin supplement that helps reduce cravings for carbohydrates. Lower moods and increased craving of carbohydrates disrupts weight loss. This patented, all natural formula will help reset your mood and control those cravings.

WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT: Our weight loss products have been used by tens of thousands of patients and board-certified physicians across the country! SeroFit will help you lose weight by increasing your energy, curb your carbohydrate cravings, and boost your mood. This natural weight loss for women and men is the right way of losing weight whether it’s 5 pounds or 200, our products and plan will help you reach your next milestone!
MOOD ENHANCER: An imbalance in serotonin can lead to depression, anxiety, low energy levels, headaches, and weight gain. When using our natural serotonin supplements and anti-depressant pills, you will feel more energetic, happy, and most importantly decrease anxiety and depression. SeroFit naturally gives your body the serotonin it needs!
APPETITE SUPPRESSANT: SeroFit naturally reduces cravings for carbohydrates and sweets! If you’re looking for a natural appetite suppressant for men and women, look no further!
JOIN OUR COMMUNITY: SeroFit supplements come with access to our weight loss program and community through our FREE APP. You will have access to dietary plans, workout plans, progress tracking and coaches! We are all committed to helping you live a happy and healthy lifestyle while losing weight safely, the SeroFit way! COMMUNITY INFORMATION INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE!

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