TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator 25 Modes Dual Channel TENS Unit TENS/EMS Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager Device for Back Neck Pain Muscle Therapy Pain Management Pulse Massager

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Product Description


How to use tens unitHow to use tens unit

Muscle stimulator

Muscle stimulator

Muscle stimulator

Muscle stimulator

Double people use

Double people use

The compact and portable design of TENS UNIT enables you to use it in various occasions-work/housework/watching TV/driving/

The multifunctional physiotherapy device can effectively relieve pain and muscle aches, such as neck, shoulders, arms, waist, calves, thighs, and knees.

Dual-channel design, you can use 4 electrodes at the same time/two people at the same time

TENS Unit Dual Channel Rechargeable 25 ModesTENS Unit Dual Channel Rechargeable 25 Modes

What’s Included?

1xTENS Machine

1xUser Manual

2x(1/2)Lead wires

3 Pairs of Electrode pads

1XUSB wire

1xStorage bag


1) Never overlap two electrode patches to each other.

2) If you feel discomfort or abnormal symptoms from the treatment,

please stop using the unit and consult a doctor before resuming

treatment cycles.

3) During a treatment cycle, if you wish to move the electrodes to

another location of your body, please switches off the unit, and then

move the electrodes to resume treatment.


–Most people prefer pain management to be drug-free.that’s why this TENS unit is Perfect for You! It releases electrical pulses that move from the skin surface to the underlying nerves. These electrical pulses help block the pain signal from reaching the brain and thus reduces the sensation of pain. It releases endorphins and stimulates your muscles to give you natural pain relief and relaxation! Helps speed up recovery and gives your body relief from pain.

–If you have chronic or acute pain, just try the OSITO TENS /EMS Physiotherapy to relieve it. It is a non-invasive, non-drug option for pain relief. It simulates various massage methods, such as cupping, acupuncture, etc. Helps treat back pain, arthritis, or inflammation of the intervertebral disc/joint, shoulder tension, and muscle relaxation. You stick the electrode plate to your body and then connect it to the channel of the TENS/EMS device. The device has a color display and buttons that allow you to scroll through multiple settings to get the exact treatment type you need, and you can choose from a variety of favorite massage modes to relax.

25 MODES/50 INTENSITIES: Dual independent channels (P1/P2), with 25 modes, 50 intensities, and Time control. You can press the “P1+” or “p1-” button to increase/decrease the intensity level according to your preference. The by one “M +/M-” button switch mode. You can use different suitable intensity settings for each channel in different positions of the body to operate it. Use the time button to adjust the timer from 5 to 60 minutes. The default timer is 30 minutes.
RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY: Up to 20 Hours of Continuous Use. It can be connected to a wall charger, power bank, or laptop USB port to charge. Don’t worry about treatment interruption for dead AA batteries any more. With battery level indicator remind you to charge timely.
TENS PADS×8: Attached 6pcs reusable Electrode The TENS Electrode pads can provide excellent self-stick performance for up to 50-60 uses, and easy cleanup and longer lifespan. lead wires & electrodes are classic and commonly used in the medical area, which makes it easier for you to find compatible accessories.
WARRANTY: The OSITO TENS unit electric therapy machine backed up with 1 Years Warranty and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. This TENS therapy device is certified very safe for you to use! If you have any questions during use, please contact our customer support.

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