The Physics of Pain: Becoming Pain Free

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Healthcare is really nothing more than Disease Care in a system that is more focused on placating your pain than changing your habits. The epidemic of chronic pain continues to skyrocket mainly because we have become reliant on practitioners to make us feel better, rather than being educated and supported on how to solve our own issues. The Physics of Pain is a revolutionary concept in treating the human body. Introducing the patented AlignSmart Technology, Patrick Mummy eloquently explains his journey in discovering the limitations of western medicine and the system he created to solve this crisis. When it comes to the human frame and chronic pain, one could argue that a mechanical engineer or an architect can better explain how the human body should hold itself and function around the force of gravity. This book simplifies physics to ensure that anyone can grasp the basic concepts of Symmetry, understand the logic behind the system, and use it to achieve success on their journey to be pain free.

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