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True-Slim Morosil Weight and Fat Loss Supplement Helps Reduce Fat Accumulation

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NatureCity Quality Supplements Patented Ingredients Original FormulationsNatureCity Quality Supplements Patented Ingredients Original Formulations

NatureCity Celebrating 19 YearsNatureCity Celebrating 19 Years

NatureCity is celebrating 19 years of high quality nutritional supplements that put science and nature to work for you. “If we won’t take it, we don’t make it!”

Our story

How we got our start?

My wife and I were frustrated dietary supplements consumers. We found the shopping experience intimidating, confusing, difficult (due to the lack of information), and plagued by poor client service. We knew we could do it better, and we’ve invested 19 years proving it!

What makes our product unique?

We believe our approach to supplements is fundamentally different from most other brands. We believe in 5 core pillars at NatureCity: Scientifically Supported Ingredients, Quality USA Manufacturing, Ingredient Transparency, Formula Consistency, and Exceptional Client Service!

Why we love what we do?

We love coming to work because we’re changing the lives of thousands of people we’ll never know. Small business is a grind and there’s never a real day off, but getting notes from our clients describing how we’ve made such a difference in their quality of life inspires us every day to do more!

ONE-OF-A-KIND ORANGE – Not all oranges are alike, and the beautifully colored Moro blood oranges are the only known variety to have this unique fat-inhibiting effect. Cultivated in the shade of Mt. Etna in Sicily, the rich volcanic soil and hot days, and cold nights result in a potent combination of beneficial nutritional substances.
FAT INHIBITING – Over the past several years, research studies have shown that Morosil has the ability to decrease the accumulation of fat in fat cells, which helps users lose some excess pounds and reduce accumulation of fat in areas like the waist and hips!
EFFECTIVE HOME SUPPLEMENT – There’s no such thing as healthy instant weight loss, however Morosil has been shown to reduce weight waist and hip size in only 12 weeks. When you want to be the best you can, True Slim might be what you’re looking for when combined with a sensible calorie intake and regular exercise.
IF WE WON’T TAKE IT, WE DON’T MAKE IT – NatureCity is celebrating 19 years of high quality nutritional supplements that put science and nature to work for you. Every NatureCity product is manufactured in the United States of America by some of the best manufacturers in the business. No cheap substitutes are used in any products – quality guaranteed.

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